Volume delivers software tools and user experiences that increase protocol token utility and community engagement, measured by protocol transaction volume growth.

Why Volume?

Increased competition for user transactions and community engagement require that protocols leverage teams that are aligned with the goal for transaction growth. If a protocol fails to attract user activity, token value falters and innovation will flow away from the network. The Volume team’s interest are the protocol interests: Growth of user transactions

Case Study

Driving Volume on Sommelier ahead of Mainnet and beyond

We, at Volume, successfully launched Sommelier’s first iteration as PeggyJV, bringing the Cosmos Ethereum bridge to market and resulted in Sommelier raising a total $25MM in funding to launch the first automated DeFi blockchain to manage Liquidity Provider capital on Ethereum via the Cosmos.

Protocol Value

R&D Data Science team created most advanced Liquidity Provider strategies for sommelier Cellars.

community launch

We built the first Liquidity Provider community, nurtured ahead of the Sommelier mainnet.

Product Pipeline

We Created the first pipeline of new Sommelier Cellar strategies to bring to governance.


Taariq LewisMarketing, BizDev & Community
Bryan ColliganMarketing, BizDev & Community
Mario ThielMarketing, BizDev & Community
Michael LongMarketing BizDev & Community
Kofi KessieMarketing BizDev & Community
Vitaliy LevitMarketing BizDev & Community
Mantas VidutisBlockchain Protocols
William ChangSmart Contracts & Audits
Steven JungSmart Contracts & Audits
Unique DivineData Science
Sunand RaghupathiData Science
Joseph TerrignoData Science
Joyce HermosillaUI/UX & Front-End
Jack LuUI/UX & Front-End
Jason JacobsUI/UX & Front-End
Erik MayoDeFi Strategies
Ciaran HughesDeFi Strategies
Rian HughesDeFi Strategies