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The Cross Chain Coalition (CCC) is a collective of builders that have united together to educate developers on cross chain infrastructure.

The CCC aims to expand awareness and increase education for cross chain development. Join us in our journey to turn every blockchain engineer into a cross chain engineer.


The CCC was founded in May of 2022 by a collection of crypto innovators, builders, and investors spanning from various chains and ventures.

The current digital asset ecosystem is fragmented by chains and tribes all competing for the same future. As invigorating as competition can be, we think intra-ecosystem competition is ultimately inefficient. If we want to bring the world to crypto, we must first bring crypto to the world together. The future of crypto is cross chain.

Our mission is to expand awareness of cross chain communication and cross chain development to drive the future of crypto forward.


Knowledge Base

Educational Resources

A community driven knowledge base for developers and engineers to learn the skills to build cross chain and meet the partners that can assist along the way.

Global Community

Build Together

Building alone is boring. As the ccc’s network expands, we’ll have a vibrant community of developers to support builders through every step of the journey.

Thought Leadership

Thought Leadership

Current relevant topics are discussed through in person panel discussions, virtual AMA, forum round-tables, and networking events.